We would like to thank everyone for keeping us so busy during the last two years. Your kindness and business does not go unappreciated. The pandemic and "The New Normal" have created many problems with availability and options for colors, sizes and choices in general. It is difficult to say at this point if 2022 will be better that 2021 as far as product goes. Time will tell. In the mean time we ask that you think "way ahead" if possible to be guaranteed to receive your merchandise when needed. This may involve buying a few extra items to have on hand for new hires or just some inventory. Call us should you have questions and we can suggest ways to optimize your order and save money.

    No one knows what lies ahead but we must all do the best we can to navigate through this. Know that my staff and I are here for you and will assist you in outfitting your Business, School or Event.                                                                               In the months ahead we wish you and your family Health, Happiness and Peace in your Heart. Thank you so much, Greg Dansak, President